ALlyd is a specialized consulting firm that helps organizations take their performance from average to excellent.  



Fund Development

Competition for financial support from foundations, individuals and government is stiffer than ever. Your organization's fund development efforts must constantly be monitored and adjusted to ensure you obtain the resources necessary to carry out your mission.


Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning examines your organization's current mission, goals and objectives for the next two to five years. The purpose of this process is to clarify where the organization hopes to be in five years and strategic steps it should take to get there. 


Organizational Development

Organizational development (OD) is concerned with the bigger picture, the performance, development, and effectiveness of human organizations. Organizations must adapt and grow if they are to thrive. Organizations turn to ALlyd when they require an objective perspective and assessment of what's working well and whats not.

Church Based Community Development

It is the responsibility of the church community to evangelize, disciple and nurture people into the life they are called to live. It is also the responsibility of the church to love their neighbor and by  extension, their neighborhood. In distressed communities, for churches to be seen as lovers of their community and neighborhoods, they must development intentional strategies to demonstrate faith in action that responds not just to individuals, but to communities.